Expression of complaining

Read and practice the dialogue below!
Expression of complaining
Zahra        : Oh, I must study hard tonight.
Mother        : Will you have any test tomorrow?
Zahra        : Yeah! Two tests! Math and chemistry!
Mother        : Really?
Zahra                : The teachers should have understood us, especially Mr. John, the chemistry teacher. He just insisted on giving the test tomorrow. You know, Mom, the materials for both the tests are difficult.
Mother    : Well, it is good for you to just stop complaining and start to study. Maybe Mr. John didn’t want to delay the test time because he had planned it long before. Another time, you should study every day, not just the day before the test.
Zahra        : You’re right, Mom.
Expression of complaining
In the dialogue above, we can see that Zahra expresses her complain and how her mother gives her responses (consolation) to Zahra’s complain.
Expression of complaining

    Here are some expressions to complain about something.

Making Complaints  ^&  The Possible Responses
    I want to complain about …
    Oh my good (goodness)!
    (Well,) this is the most unsatisfactory.
    (I’m afraid) … it just isn’t good enough.
    Why did you do that?
    You should have told me before!
    I’m sorry to say this, but …
    (Honestly!) I’m fed up with …
    Did you do it on purpose!
    Etc …        Sorry.
    I’m so sorry, …
    All right, …
    Well, it is good for you to …
    It’s not my fault.
    Oh my goodness.
    Etc …

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